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MAX - The Sounds Of Umami

Swedish burger chain creates tastiest burger yet, seasons it with sound.

Max So U 01

Client: Max
Agency: ACNE
Contact: Ori Mace

That music and sound influences our mood is a well known fact, but studies show that sound also can affect our perception of taste. For example, high frequency sounds amplify sweet and acidic tastes, while high tempo and high notes enhance spicy flavours.


Sounds of Umami is created as an album on Spotify and contains a main track that can be listened to while eating. The soundtrack for each ingredient can also be listened to as separate tracks.

The campaign is rolled out with support in both traditional and social media which points to restaurants and the campaign site soundsofumami.se (in swedish only) where anyone can try the experience and read more about the project.

Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone and most swedes have access to Spotify. The focus was to do something that could be experienced everywhere, especially in the restaurant, where anyone can try it.

Link to the music

Max So U 02

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