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IKEA – 2017 Digital Catalogue

IKEA 2017 Digital Catalogue

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Client: IKEA
Agency: Acne
Contact: Ori Mace

From a user perspective, the new IKEA 2017 digital catalogue offers a much more inspiring and intense feeling of content. The app isn’t just a digital version of the printed catalog. It’s a digital native enhancement of the catalogue.

The biggest news this year? Anywhere-accessibility.

The catalogue, this year focusing on life in and around the kitchen, was first published in 1951 and has since then inspired people by showing beautiful and affordable products and homes. It’s been available in an online format for some time, but not quite like this.

For 2017, the IKEA catalogue is tailored specifically to provide a user-friendly experience and is accessible on mobile, tablet, desktop and, soon to come, Apple TV app. While at the same time being fully optimised for 69 localised market versions.

Implemented as an app format, it also comes with a fresh look & feel, vibrant colors, simple navigation and strong visuals. Moving the online catalogue away from being a PDF-lookalike of the physical counterpart and letting it become its own experience.

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Richer, deeper, fuller content
The new app is easier to navigate and has a more intuitive menu. It also features more material and several ways to get a real life feeling of the home furnishing solutions. Another thrilling part of the new app is the possibility to look at IKEA products in an AR (augmented reality) mode. This makes it possible to virtually place IKEA products in your own home and see how they will look.

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Apple TV
New for this year is the Apple TV version, which is a manifestation of our goal - to turn the catalogue into an experience of its own and will be released globally end of september.

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