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Linus Eklund has worked as a cinematographer over the last 20 years.

As a kid, he developed an interest in arts and photography. Since joining The National Film School of Denmark in 2001, Linus has been working with many different international directors and clients and enjoys the mix between small and big projects. He can skillfully and without prestige convey a narrative and mood in his stills.

He has worked with clients such as Gina Tricot, IKEA, Pepsi, Microsoft, Mcdonald's & Lego.

Instagram: @linuseklund

For inquiries: karin@acne.se

RS Sports
Pro Edt Rack
Narciso Rodriguez
Narciso 4
Stockholms Bränneri x Kersh
Branneri Lov Intense
Nikka Whiskey
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Coco Channel
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Absolut 2
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Adidas 1
Rolex Tu Mme
Adidas - Black
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Vitamin Well - Reload
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