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Emir was born and raised in Istanbul. At 18, he moved to the US to study Film and ended up in New York, assisting several renowned fashion photographers. Over time, he found his way back to directing and back to Europe.

He is a visually driven director & DOP/photographer, taking inspiration from cinema, photography, theatre, art, and even architecture. He has worked with clients such as Vogue Italy, Nowness, Byredo, GQ, CNN Style, H&M, Arket, Other Stories, Gant, Audemars Piguet, Verso, Armani (advertorial), Fendi (documentary), Jacquemus (documentary) & Red Bull.

He currently resides in both Stockholm and London.

Instagram: @emireralp

For inquiries: karin@acne.se

Vlcsnap 2023 02 13 15H50M38S228
Vlcsnap 2023 02 13 16H01M14S822
Tiger of Sweden
Vlcsnap 2023 02 06 13H34M48S990
Emireralp Lindex
& Other Stories
Vlcsnap 2022 10 31 10H55M41S788
Ezgif Com Gif Maker 6
Tekla Fabrics
Vlcsnap 2023 05 09 10H25M22S806
Verso Skincare
Vlcsnap 2022 09 01 21H06M53S282
Vlcsnap 2022 09 01 16H00M01S409
Verso Skincare
Vlcsnap 2022 05 10 13H37M14S561
ARKET x Jo Ellison
Vlcsnap 2022 09 01 16H59M00S229
The Coffee Ban / Vogue Scandinavia
Archipelago / Vogue Scandinavia
ARKET x Pia Wallén
Alicia Vikander / Vogue Scandinavia
Vlcsnap 2022 09 01 21H01M25S068
L'Officiel Hommes
Off Hom 03 Copy
Greta Thunberg / Vogue Scandinavia
Vlcsnap 2021 09 24 15H57M43S141
Helena Christensen / Vogue Scandinavia
Vlcsnap 2022 09 01 21H17M28S844
Vogue Scandinavia
Ee Vogue
NOWNESS x Anna de Rijk