Welcome to ACNE. 

ACNE is a creative consultancy building brands by combining ART & INDUSTRY. An entrepreneurial collective of thinkers and makers; designers, writers, data scientists, strategists, film directors, photographers, art directors and producers.

Born and raised in Beirut, Karim Fakih started off as a one man army producing, directing, shooting and editing his own projects. With a background career as a graffiti artist he's got the advantage of combining colors, mixing styles and the understanding of new ways of thinking.
Karim has developed a creative style that is both fresh and bold, which mixes the visually stunning with the genuinely human.
Since then Karim has collaborated with the likes of Viktor Leksell, Linda Pira, Jireel and Ison & Fille, as well as working with clients such as Sony, Universal and Warner music.

Sabina Ddumba & Danny Saucedo - Fan vad har vi gjort
Fanvaharvigjort Thumb2
Leslie Tay - RUNT
Runt 010
Aden x Asme - 12 till 12 (Short Film)
Screenshot 2022 09 21 At 12 54 04
Jireel - Cherié
Jireel Cherie
Jireel - Gav Allt ft. Victor Leksell & Reyn
Screenshot 2022 09 21 At 12 49 43
123 - Cherrie ft. Yasin
Screenshot 2022 09 21 At 12 48 54
Elias Hurtig - Är du dum
Elias Hurtig Ar Du Dum
Linda Pira - Gang Gang
Screenshot 2022 09 21 At 12 50 59
Asme - 14
Asme 14
Ison & Fille - Pengar
Ison Fille Pengar
Estraden ft. Victor Leksell - Bra För Dig
Dani M - Förebild
Dani M Forebild
Victor Leksell - Allt För Mig
Viktor Leksell Allt For Mig