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During the last decade, Joakim has directed a whole bunch of very funny commercials. He has a strong concept of comic stories, often combined with a strict visual framework.

Joakim catches the characteristics and slightest expressions of a character. All you really need is a look, a breath, and a movement. It is all there to create an unforgettable moment.

His cinematic style belongs to a stripped-down Scandinavian film tradition. Consequently, he has been awarded the After Bergman Award at the yearly Bergman Week. So; is he the new Ingmar Bergman? No, he is way too funny.

Joakim has work with brands as Telenor, ICA, Flytoget, Skoda, SCA, Nordnet, Tork, Scan, Svenska Spel, Unibet and Google.

Instagram: thorn.joakim

Barncancerfonden - Fotbollströjefredag
Bcf Hr Mote 16X9 80S Fixad Skylt Mp4 00 00 09 16 Still003
Liberalerna - "linjalerna"
Vlcsnap 2022 09 16 14H10M09S742
Hammarby - Somewhere in Sweden
Vlcsnap 2022 09 16 14H17M14S043
Guardian Glass
Guardian Tumme
Infinitum – Köket
Vlcsnap 2022 09 16 13H44M55S802
SCA Tork - Waves
Vlcsnap 2022 09 20 13H35M57S759
Filmstaden Medlem - Fötterna
02 35S Filmstaden Medlem Fotter 16X9 Online V004 Hb A Mp4 00 00 11 01 Still003
Vlcsnap 2022 09 16 13H40M53S953
Helsedirektoratet - Stopptober
Stopptober Henrik 45S 4X3 Mov 01 00 10 09 Still001
Hammarby - Which Way Is The Arena
Vlcsnap 2022 09 16 14H23M12S358
Vlcsnap 2022 09 16 13H50M27S925
Sopps - Pasta Man
02 20S Sopps Pasta Man Butiken 16X9 V011 Mp4 00 00 09 24 Still001
Abba - Kitchen Nightmares
Vlcsnap 2022 09 16 13H13M40S377
Vlcsnap 2022 09 16 13H36M05S644
Maarud - Gardkjerringen
Vlcsnap 2022 09 16 14H42M29S737