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Emir was born and raised in Istanbul. At 18, he moved to the US to study Film and ended up in New York, assisting a number of renowned fashion photographers. Over time, he found his way back to directing and back to Europe.
He is a visually driven director, taking inspiration from cinema, photography, theatre, art, and even architecture. He has worked with clients such as Vogue Italy, Nowness, GQ, CNN Style, H&M, Arket, Gant, Audemars Piguet, Armani (advertorial), Fendi (documentary), Jacquemus (documentary) and Red Bull.
He currently lives between Stockholm and London.

Greta - Horses - Vogue Scandinavia
Coffee Ban - Vogue Scandinavia
Sustainability - Vogue Scandinavia
Vogue Archipelago
Malaika Holmen
Vogue Cover03
Helena Christensen
Vogue Scandi Helena
Tiger of Sweden | Silvana Imam
Emir Silvana
Tiger of Sweden | Maria Foerlev
Screenshot 2021 01 28 At 10 49 32
NOWNESS x Klara Kristin
Emir Nowness
Jacquemus x CNN Style
Emir Jacquemus
Tiger of Sweden | Jacob Kampp Berliner
Emir Jacob
NOWNESS x Lutz Forster (Director of Pina Bausch Tanztheater)
Emir In And Out Of Control
Fendi x CNN Style
Emir Fendi
Vogue Italy x Armani
Emir Italian Vogue
Audemars Piguet x GQ
Emir Audemars
Tiger of Sweden | Alva Bratt
Emir Tiger01
ARKET x KG Nilson
Emir Kg Arket
ARKET x Pia Wallén
Arket Pia Wallin
Emir Arket Mens
NOWNESS x Anna De Rijk
Emir Anna De Rijk Nowness