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South African born Andrea Jade Colomb (or AJ) realised two things whilst running on sets at 17. The first was that she wanted to be a Director. The second was that she could make a bloody good cup of tea. Moving forward, AJ started making behind the scenes films and assisting Directors both on and off set - thus growing a thick skin (!) and honing in on the opportunity to make her own films. It wasn’t long before AJ began to receive recognition for her raw humanity and brave sense of humor. In 2017 AJ won the YDA for her self made film ‘Visit Iceland’. Since then she has gone on to work with the likes of Barclays, T-Mobile, Phillips, Esso and a few more in-between - her knack for comedy and making people happy is her driving force.

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Go Spring
Go Us 01
Ebay - Forward
Netflix x Stella McCartney
Bookbeat - Nothing Beats a Good Book
Elevator Thumb
Ebay - Circle
Agria- Pets, They're Special
Cocio - Date
Fullsizeoutput 65F
Go Spring
Go Dic 01
Iceland - Welcome to Iceland
Fullsizeoutput 64C
Rabbit - What's Your Wild Rabbit?
Fullsizeoutput 655
Philips - Bad Beard Days
Fullsizeoutput 650
Barclays - Digital Safety
Fullsizeoutput 656
T-Mobile / Netflix - Stranger Things
Fullsizeoutput 64D
Esso - Forgetful Driver
Fullsizeoutput 654
Gilda - The Social Skills 'Invisible'
Fullsizeoutput 64E
Gerry & The Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone
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