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Wallpaper* x Hyundai

Wallpaper* x Hyundai

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Poetry in Motion is a two-part video series to showcase Hyundai’s new concept car Le Fil Rouge. The project is a collaboration between Hyundai, Wallpaper*, designer Moritz Waldemeyer and photographer Daniel Griffel. The videos explore the unique intersection of technology, artistry, design and functionality. To depict this fusion Waldemeyer created a light installation with LED lights drawing shapes and surfaces in 3D space, revealed only through long exposure photography. Using this technique on video to create a flowing motion of lights was a technical challenge, but at the same time inspiring to let these shapes tell parts of the story. Daniel Griffel was commissioned as director and cinematographer. The project was shot in Seoul, South Korea and Zürich, Switzerland.

Daniel Griffel Hyundai 2 Daniel Griffel Hyundai 1
Daniel Griffel Hyundai 5 Daniel Griffel Hyundai 6 Daniel Griffel Hyundai 8 Daniel Griffel Hyundai 9

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10 Daniel Griffel Svt 09
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Daniel Griffel Volvo Wallpaper 01 1