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ACNE is a creative consultancy building brands by combining ART & INDUSTRY. An entrepreneurial collective of thinkers and makers; designers, writers, data scientists, strategists, film directors, photographers, art directors and producers.

The Map of Knowledge

A Visual Wiki Installation for Deloitte Digital


Client: Deloitte Digital
Agency: ACNE Germany
Contact: mike.otto@acnehamburg.com

The "Map of Knowledge" was created for Deloitte: It is a visual Wiki, which shows structure, brands and methods in a unique interface. Therefore, ACNE developed an engaging and creative solution that makes its diverse world and sub-brands, as well as technology partners and solutions, easy to experience. Embedded in an interactive monolith, the content is divided into a meta-level (core areas) and a sub-level (use cases). A timeless design completes the visual landscape and offers the visitor a new way of interaction. The installation covers the core areas of the company: technology, consulting and creativity.

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