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Horizon Mobile 1500Px Piano

Horizon is an everchanging composition floating in your living or working space. The shapes derive from papercuts that are inspired by landscapes and distant views. The aluminium shapes are sanded, sprayed and adjusted by yours truly using only the best quality products. On show and for sale during Design Del Mobile Milano at Corraini. The mobile comes packed in a nice box and is for sale! Send me a message for details!

Horizon Mobile 1500Px

Carpark in Leiden, Netherlands

Sue Doeksen F Photo Martijn Van Der Nat Sue Doeksen E Photo Martijn Van Der Nat Sue Doeksen A Photo Martijn Van Der Nat

10 meters of silk filled with patterns and landscapes for the shopping window of Restored. Which also meant 100.000 threads frayed by hand. Hurray!

Spacesplaces Sue Doeksen A 1000 Px Spacesplaces Sue Doeksen 1000 Px
Spacesplaces Sue Doeksen 3 800 Px Spacesplaces Sue Doeksen 2 700 Px

Escaping or wanting to leave from where you are is a universal feeling and has many levels. For the exhibition I illustrated the steps of an escape (using drawings, interactive charts and moving objects). The idea is not so much to show people how or where they should go, but to make them realise when it is time to go and to inspire them to make the jump or take the leap. One of my conclusions was that the (metaphorical escape) solution can be found in the problem. So for example if you turn a gate 90 degrees gives you have a ladder! Bend a cage and you have a hot air balloon.

2 Overview 1440Px

The inspirational escape objects were designed people experiencing the following symptoms for a longer length of time:

SADNESS: you are too sad to tell
EMPTINESS: you are very lonely or very uninspired
MADNESS: something is making you lose your mind
CURIOSITY: so much elsewhere is still to be discovered
OVERDOSE: it is all just too much to handle

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