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Miniature Moments

Miniature Moments

From Up Above

Why are we attracted to the seaside, distant horizons, features such as a light house or an open field we can lie in to dwell upon the sky? What makes us seek out places that bring vastness and stillness to our vision?

Beyond the beauty of the place itself, it is perhaps the power they hold to inspire and to console us. To dwarf our human struggles, sorrows and to slow down our train of thoughts and remind us that we are fabulously small and fragile, yet part of something infinitely larger, expansive and continuous.

Along The Dike

Today, the power of places to play with our perception of who we are or appeal to our imagination of who (or what) we may become, is being rapidly lost. In particular for us urban dwellers: as our built environment is compacted, consolidated, expanded and our skies become city skylines with white lit highways to foreign places (where ironically, we go to seek what we lost and can not go right now).

This collection of handcrafted limited-edition miniatures, inspired by the Dutch landscape, provide places you can escape to – even in the dense urban environment. Allowing the spectator to – for a moment – experience the ecstasy and awe of the places they replicate.

Enjoy your (miniature) moment.

At The Lighthouse
By The Meadow At The Beach
In Nature In The Wind At The Farm At The Stop At The Beach  Parts

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