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We are a creative agency shaped by entrepreneurial culture. Part of Deloitte, we use cultural and business insights to solve new problems with new ideas.

Instagram – Global Social Boost

We built a global creative data-driven growth engine for Instagram.


Our assignment by Instagram was to attract more users to join the platform and for existing users to use it more frequently, on 30+ markets around the world, whilst being culturally relevant and on brand. We built a global creative data-driven growth engine – churning out thousands of assets at break-neck speed – which became one of the most successful campaigns by Instagram to date.

Make boring less boring.

The brief was to encourage users to engage with Instagram Stories more frequently throughout the week. We eased the pressure, "lowered the bar," and reminded people that even weekdays can be fun when using Instagram's creative tools. It doesn't take much, for example, to look at a rock or a gutter with different eyes. Showing just some creative assets out of dozens.

Hype alerts.

We wanted less active Instagrammers to start using the "follow hashtag" feature. We did this by creating a tool that instantly informed users which trending hashtags they should follow, from #meowmeow to #nochill and more. Again, just a few examples of creative assets created by our data-driven growth-engine.

Discover a world of...

We got people to download Instagram by showing them the amount of content they can explore and interact with. We showed them that no matter what their interests are, thousands or millions of people like them are on Instagram.