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Dreams on the Baltic Sea

Dreams on the Baltic Sea

Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea01

Photographer: Felix Swensson
Contact: Karin-Axelina Rudh

"The social phenomenon finlandsfärja, is the expression of short-term cruise ferry trips conducted on the Baltic Sea. Used by more than 15 million passengers yearly, the finlandsfärja is often connoted with heavy drinking and collective transgression of limits. This book tries to capture the special counter world of cruise ferry crusaders, and provides an insight into their unique community, displays their rituals and tries to illuminate why riding finlandsfärja has become a mass phenomenon in Sweden. Printed in 500 copies on Munken Polar 150g at Print Best in Estonia.”

Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea02
Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea03 Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea04
Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea05
Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea06 Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea07
Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea08 Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea09 Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea10
Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea11 Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea12
Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea13
Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea14 Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea15
Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea16 Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea17
Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea18 Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea19
Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea20
Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea21 Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea22
Felix Swensson Dreamsonthebalticsea23

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