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Olle Bengtsson is one of today’s most promising still life photographers. His background in graphic design and art direction become evident in his highly conceptual approach. Olle is passionately involved in the entire creative process from beginning to end which allows him to apply his meticulous work ethic into a task. His work is precise and graphic in style, characterised by his decisive use of line and lighting to create dynamic compositions. Even though Olle only picked up camera in 2015, he has managed to work with clients such as BETC, COTY, Evian, Hermès, IKEA, Lancaster, Lancôme, Louis Vuitton, LVMH, Maison Margiela, New Tendency, Our Legacy and PUIG.

Instagram: @olle.bengtsson

Chanel L'eau waves
Chanel Waves Gif
Chanel - Personal work
Chanel Spin
Louis Vuitton
Lv Feux Gif
New Tendency
New Tendency Gif
Louis Vuitton
Lv Jasmin 3 1
Nudes 3
Chanel bottle - Personal work
Chanel Prism Web Byt Garna Ut Mot Den Har
IKEA Ypperlig
Ypperlig 0051 1
Tom Ford - Personal work
Tf 3 Gif
The Beginning of Everything
The Beginnning 2
Louis Vuitton
The Logo
The Logo 1
Acrylics 1
New Tendency
Meta Table Close Up 1
Issey Miyake - Personal work
Issey Gif
Shadow Study
Shadow Study 3
Our Legacy - Sculptures
Our Legacy 1 Ipad
Rosetta Mission
Rosetta 1
The Logo
Chanel The Logo