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With a seemingly effortless ability to combine modern fashion styles with his refined analogue technique, Erik Wåhlström excels in emphasizing a raw and tender form of beauty through his photographic work. He masterfully uses light to enhance the delicacy of his subjects while still creating powerful and striking images that feel natural, even when shots have been carefully composed. Similarly to his portrait and fashion work, Erik is able to capture a sense of intimacy and authenticity in his still life work, making his photography truly unique. Techniques such as this have led him to work with clients such as Our Legacy, Gant Rugger, IKEA, &Other Stories, ARKET and MiH.

Instagram: @erikwahlstrom

Our Legacy SS19
Erikwahlstrom Erikwahlstrom 20181227 Ourlegacy007185 003 20181227 20190108 1
Erikwahlstrom Erikwahlstrom 20181030 Robyn002444 18A 20181128
M.i.h Jeans AW18
Erikwahlstrom 20180418 Mihss18006936 001 20181003
Erikwahlstrom 20180911 Apartament000001 27A 20180911
Our Legacy AW18
Erikwahlstrom 20180628 Olhigh000001 29 A
Arket 18 S7 B2 R4 1 F
New Magazine
20181011 Aa002438 008 2
Our Legacy SS18
Erikwahlstrom 20171222 Ourlss18006601 36 A 20171222
Arket 18 S7 B2 H 20 F
Our Legacy SS17 "DRAFT"
Erikwahlstrom 30
Arket 18 S7 B1 H 24 Rgb Cropped
Our Legacy AW16
20160704 Olrehersal000680 08 F
Arket 18 S7 B2 Cafe Cph Martinberg F
Arket 17 S6 B2 H 10 F
20170307 Fmhigh001802 18 F
M.i.h Jeans SS17
Mih Ss17Lookbook Look1Copy
Our Legacy SS17
Gant Rugger SS16
Gant Rugger Ss16 Gantrugger5185 31
Web 20161221 Swedese001583 008
M.i.h Jeans Still lifes
Erikwahlstrom 20160331 Mih007964 009