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With an evident passion for lighting, detail and interesting surroundings, Daniel Griffel’s highly cinematic work captures the authentic nature of his subjects and endeavours to eliminate any aspect of artificiality by demonstrating the duality of the beautiful and the unsightly. When paired with his aptitude for composition, his work radiates a dynamic and climactic style. He has a seemingly effortless ability to communicate his concepts through photography and videography and this has led him to work with clients such as Gaggenau, MasterCard, SNCF, SVT, Telia, Volvo, IKEA and Wallpaper*.

Instagram: @danielgriffel

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Daniel Griffel St Volontaire 04 Portrait
Wallpaper* x Hyundai
Dg Hyundai 01 003 1
Ramboll Screenshot
X Shore - Grebbestad
Daniel Griffel Xshore 03 Jpg
Sveriges Television
10 Daniel Griffel Svt 09
Sveriges Television
Ezgif Com Optimize 6
01 Daniel Griffel Masquerade
01 Daniel Griffel Plantagen
Play Together
01 Daniel Griffel Play Together
X Shore
Daniel Griffel Xshore 0139
Daniel Griffel Ikea 02 165
Daniel Griffel Lantmannen 01
Telia Sense
Daniel Griffel Telia Sense 02
The Great Depression
01 Daniel Griffel Great Depression
Wallpaper* x Volvo
Daniel Griffel Volvo Wallpaper 01 1
Daniel Griffel Barncancerfonden 01
01 Daniel Griffel Moments
Volvo Trucks
01 Daniel Griffel Volvo Trucks 04