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Whether it is the serenity of the outdoors or the passion of an athlete in action, there is no filter like Daniel Blom’s eye. With a seemingly effortless ability to capture authenticity in every setting and every expression, Daniel is able to seize moments in a nearly documentary fashion. Daniel has shot for clients such as Skoda, IKEA, Adidas, Google, BMW, Wired and Monocle.

Instagram: @danielblom

20170420 Skoda 1993 Llv
Synsam Sports
20170201 Synsam Day 0120043
Fjallraven  Dsc6947
003  Dsc0721
A-Z – Zlatan
Daniel Blom A Z 17
Vitamin Well
20161110 Vitamin Well Zfall16 0073
A-Z – Lookbook
Daniel Blom A Z Lookbook 23
Marshall headphones – Monitor BT
20161103 Marshallhdphs Chords 1989
Marshall headphones
20161103 Marshallhdphs Chords 2202
FOG001SE - Personal project
003 Scan022
20160201 Skoda Ddb 00737 V3
20150429 Fmtk Natur 0309