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Bringing her eye for distinctive beauty in every shot, Ceen Wahren excels at storytelling and interacts with the models in a manner which grants her access to images that resemble cinematic shots. She has worked with clients such as Ole Henriksen, Studio Bon, Vogue Taiwan, Vogue Germany, Numéro Tokyo, Elle, H&M and Minna Palmqvist.

Instagram: @ceenwahren

IKEA Stunsig
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Max Factor - My Factor
Max F01 Sara Sofie 200
Bon Magazine
Ceen Acne Web 084
Cake Magazine
Cajsa Ahouse 05 204
Vogue Germany
Ceen Acne Web 051
Volt - Chromes
Ceen Acne Web 032
Volt Magazine - On the Edge of Town
Ceen Volt Nov16 0309 41 36
Plaza Magazine
Ceen Acne Web 038
Ceen Acne Web 091
Marianne Host
Ceen Acne Web 064 Marianne Host
Matilda Norberg
Ceen Acne Web 001 Matilda Norberg
Vogue Taiwan
Ceen Acne Web 097