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Bringing an inherent ability to combine elegant beauty with an edgy and modern style, Ceen Wahren excels at creating a captivating fashion narrative through her work. Her eye for simple yet striking colour and composition establishes an intense focus on the distinctive fashion and beauty in every one of her shots. She has worked with clients such as Ole Henriksen, Studio Bon, Vogue Taiwan, Vogue Germany, Numéro Tokyo, Elle, H&M and Minna Palmqvist.

Instagram: @ceenwahren

Elle Denmark
Elle Denmark1353
& Other Stories
Im 18 35 030
Teeth Magazine
Teeth Magazine Ceen Wahren Life Glass House 03
Aplace Magazine SS18
Aplace Ss18 2547
55 A2694
170920 Bon 02 173
Ahlens Jul2017 0943
NK Stil
06 170526 Nk Stil Man 0090
Cake Magazin
Web Cajsa Ahouse 06 076
Jungle Magazine
I8 A9227
Matilda Norberg
Ceen Acne Web 001 Matilda Norberg
E7 X3386 1
NK Stil
06 170525 Nk Stil 0131
Bon Magazine
Ceen Acne Web 084
IKEA Stunsig
Ikea Stunsig Paslakan Fagel Bi Ph142924
Max Factor - My Factor
Max F01 Sara Sofie 200
Ceen Acne Web 091
Volt - Chromes
Ceen Acne Web 035
Volt Magazine - On the Edge of Town
Ceen Volt Nov16 0809 41 36
Vogue Germany
Ceen Acne Web 047 Vogue Germany