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Thriving through a variety of photographic genres he is recognised for his candid style, following from documentary work to editorial and advertising. Stories built like musical scores, following the sound of colours, the tempos of landscapes, the rhythms of architecture - always with perfect timing. Creating a strong bond with the subject allows him to capture the essence of a person or place that renders the resulting image as true as possible. Besides working with clients like Lacoste, Chanel and Vouge Italia, he has two titles published by the iconic french Filigranes Éditions; Notices de la Corse in 2014 and Daysinvichy in 2016. He is now working on his third project, Winter in Stockholm.

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Instagram: @anton_renborg
Represented by Acne in Scandinavia.

Eddy De Pretto
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L'Homme Rouge
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Ar Daysinvichy 31
Vogue Italia
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Notices de la Corse
Anton Renborg Corse 5
Ar Yhebe 2
Paris Photo Huawei Gallery
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Kogan Gallery
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TID Watches
Tid Yearbook  Ar 23
Rosengård Nike
Ar Nike 1
Bad to the Bone Magazine
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Spoon Magazine
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En famille
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Ppaper Taiwan
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Campaign Société Générale France
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