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Having never identified as a conventional artist, Amsterdam-based Sue Doeksen challenges the boarders between illustration and other media. From the early stages in her career her work has covered different types of techniques, always with illustration as an axis. Her unique trademark is playful compositions with bold, simple shapes. Sue has done work for Hemnet, Klijs & Boon, SL, IKEA and many more.

Instagram: @suedoeksen

Good luck pass
Good Luck Pass 1400Px
Christmas market Amsterdam
Instagram Bad
Horizon mobile
Horizon Mobile 1500Px Piano
Snor Notebook
Snor Schrift 3 1440
Just a moment
161010 Time V117
Child Helpline International
Childhelpline 03 Web
MAKI Children's Magazine
5 Maki Chiildrens Magazine
Warby Parker
Desktop Final 800Px
Overviewhemnetv1 02 14 34 28
Klein Dordrecht
Bike Bird
Cook Book
Cook Book 1440Px 3
Personal work
Images All Sorts 02
Personal work
Images All Sorts 14
Mood Elevator
Images All Sorts 28
Have a nice day festival
Hand Poster 1440Px 1
Icon posters
2 Icon Poster Bear 1440Px 2
Een Klein Leven
Screen Shot 2016 12 14 At 09 58 35 Copy
Pin Mobiles & Landmark Pins
Pins Sue26 Bewerkt Crop 1440
Present Pile