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Marcus Oakley enjoys the physicality of drawing, and the process in which an idea in his imagination becomes finally materialized through illustration.
He graduated from Art & design at Camberwell College of Art in 1996. After spending a few years as a designer for Paul Smith, Marcus decided to pursue a career in illustration. He has done for works for the likes of Vans, Air France Magazine, Exit Press, Christmas Journey and Lazy Oaf.

Instagram: @marcus_oakley

Blade Runner
Blade Runner Illustration
Anorak Magazine
Cover Art Oakley
Neon Waltz
Neon Waltz B
Lake App
Lake App Oakley
Green Monster
Magic Woods
People portraits
Applied illustration
Book Fest
Air France Magazine
Sent 5220
Black and white
No Comply
People outdoors
Fish Man
Long limbs
Still life
Still Life2