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The père fondateur of Acne, Tomas Skoging has directed loads of commercials the last decades, both good, bad and ugly (luckily, most of the bad and ugly ones were made back in the trying-to-figure-stuff-out-adolescent days of ACNE). The good ones on the other hand has earned him a reputation as a solid filmmaker, combining cinematic style and comedy driven dialogue with work for international clients such as Evian, Nike, Dodge, Volvo, Renault, Suzuki, ESPN, EA Games, Visa, Unicef and IKEA.

Milka - Hold the Door
Screen Shot 2018 04 18 At 16 34 15
Titiyo - Talking To The Man In The Moon
Magnus Carlson - The Burden
Skoging Burden Image
Evian - The Amazing Baby
Ts Amazingbaby 1
Tele2 - Born To Be Different
Tele2 Born To Be Different
Unicef - Three Wise Men
Screen Shot 2018 05 03 At 17 17 15
Unicef - Good Friends
Good Guys
Cadbury's - Milk Tray Man
Ts Milktrayman 1