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WatchWatch - Apple TV Clock

WatchWatch for Apple TV - A game watch by ACNE


Client: Acne
Contact: Ori Mace

A lot of great apps have been developed for the Apple TV since its latest generation was equipped with an app store. But as we know from all aspects of life - And yes, the Apple TV is a big aspect of life - the perfect basics are the hardest to find - we wanted a great clock. Could not find one, so we made one. It’s called WatchWatch.


WatchWatch is not just any old watch, it’s a watch worth watching. Conveniently enough it shows you the time (It’s a clock, duh), but also gives you something more exciting than tick-tock to look at - a story of your choosing that develops over time, made specifically for the Apple TV format.

The app and its stories are developed as a homage to the old-school gaming scene and is a playful endeavor to reinvent the way a clock could be presented.


"We are constantly curious of working with new platforms and when it comes to developing and packaging a different experience - Apple TV is a platform with potential. And sometimes you miss the most simplest, in this case a really good watch. So we created one.” - Says Johan Holmgren, Creative Director, ACNE

Lumber Wizard

WatchWatch comes with a pack of three clocks. “Timber Time”, “Sports Time“and “Magic Time”. With more stories to be added during the year.

The app can be downloaded worldwide and is found in the “ lifestyle” category.

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