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The Rum Society

Creating a new premium rum brand

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Client: Absolut
Agency: ACNE
Contact: Lisa Kopp

The ambition of The Rum Society is to elevate the chaotic and sugar-infused category of rum into a premium, unfiltered experience for both the seasoned rum geeks as well as a broader cocktail-drinking audience.

By gathering a motley crew of experts – The Rum Society – to a laborious process of searching the world for the best distillers, ingredients and blends, the end products, named after their trial numbers, are pot-stilled, mostly unaged, and offered in limited release at selected outlets.

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In close collaboration with C&Co in New York and the initial producer Pernod Ricard, we created the new brand from scratch, including brand platform, brand identity, bottle and label design as well as some initial ads. Best enjoyed neat.

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