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Stream cars like music

Launch of Volvo group's brand M


Agency: Acne

Volvo Car Mobility launches a new smart car sharing service, M, that with artificial intelligence gets better and better with every booked trip. Inspired by today’s digital services M wants to create a concept that can be an alternative to the traditional car ownership that introduces a more sustainable solution to cars in cities. Together with ACNE, they take car sharing to another level with their new launch concept - “Stream cars like music”

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The launch campaign, Stream Cars like Music, positions M as a natural part of the streaming world and how people live today. Instead of music and films, they now make it possible to stream cars.

The campaign flirts back both visually and semantic with well-known expressions from the streaming world for example “All our cars in your pocket”, “Shuffle your car” or “Your playlist of Volvos” “Stream without ads”.

The launch campaign will roll out as a big outdoor campaign as well as social.

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