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Magasin III

Visual identity & packaging

Magasin Iii Stationary Thumb

Client: Magasin III
Contact: Ori Mace

‘‘This fall, we are changing our visual identity and our name to Magasin III Museum & Foundation for Contemporary Art. The ‘3’ becomes ‘III’ in a typeface with a venerable lineage but designed today. It is a tribute to the original signage on the former warehouse we have called home since opening in 1987. Our new look better fits who we are — our role and our commitment.’’

— David Neuman, Museum Director Magasin III

Magasin Iii 01 C 48 Axzw0 Aap Fuy Magasin Iii Stationary Magasin Iii 04 Magasin Iii 03

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