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Bachelor’s project at Beckmans College of Design 2015

07Gif Gris

Illustrator: Cajsa Wessberg
Contact: Paulina Loutchko

Köttdjur is pedagogic products for children to show that the meat we eat comes from living animals. A fun and relaxed way of learning. The products are soft toys, puzzles, mobile, Play with your food kit, poster and a computer game.


05Kottdjur Gosedjur Fur Cajsawessberg 06Kottdjur Gosedjur Meat Cajsawessberg 08Gris1 Copy 09Gris3 Copy 10Gif Hund 11Hund1 Copy 12Gif Bolldjur Gif 13 Copy 14 Copy 15Gif Katt 16Katt2 Copy 17Poster1 Copy 18Poster2 Copy 19Poster3 20Pussel1 Copy 21Pussel2 22Lekamedmaten1 Copy 01Kottdjur Utstallning 2 02Kottdjur Utstallning 7 03Kottdjur Utstallning 6 04Kottdjur Utstallning 8

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