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Just a moment

Just a moment

161010 Time V117

Illustrator: Sue Doeksen
Contact: Karin-Axelina Rudh

A project about time! This book is for you to capture a moment: read, write and reflect upon its place in the grand scheme of time. The middle of the book is NOW, turn the pages to the left and you have the past, and to the right is the future. When you have filled in the book, you got to the website of the Ministry Of Moments and fill in when you expect to forget the book (and its hiding location). When the time comes we will remind you about its existence, so you can revisit your former self and relive just a moment from the past. A collaboration with Lyangelo Vasques and Iris van Robays! For Un Sedicesimo Italy!

161010 Time V116 161010 Time V114 161010 Time V113 Just A Moment 1000Pxv2

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