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Welcome Instagram. We are happy to now be working with one of the world’s largest social media platforms.

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Client: instagram
Agency: Acne

Our primary mission for Instagram is to get more users to join the platform and for existing users to use it more frequently. We do this by highlighting cultural phenomenons, showing how easy it is to create and explore entertaining content, and of course, making sure the communication is culturally relevant.

Make boring less boring

The brief here was to encourage users to engage with Instagram Stories more frequently during the week. We took away the pressure, and "lowered the bar" and reminded people that weekdays could be fun too when using Instagrams creative tools. We found that the solution could be as simple as putting eyes on anything from a rock to a rain gutter

Hype Alerts

We wanted to get the most inactive Instagrammers to start using the ‘follow hashtag’ feature. We did this by creating a tool inspired by visual idents, that instantly informed users about which trending and interesting hashtags they should follow from #meowmeow to #nochill and plenty more.

Discover a world of...

We inspired non-users to download Instagram by showing them the wide range of interests and content they can explore and engage with. We showed non-users that no matter what their interest, there are thousands or even millions of people just like them on the platform.

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