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IKEA – Let's Relax Campaign

This campaign aims to kill the high expectations you have in the kitchen.


Client: IKEA
Agency: ACNE
Contact: Ori Mace

Let’s Relax.

This year the global concept for IKEA was around the life in the kitchen. The message captures the essence of how outer expectations - put upon us by social media, blogging culture and cooking shows - affect our behaviour when cooking and dining in the kitchen. Simply put, expectations kill our inspiration.

9+ million views
100+ Top sites including TIME, TheNextWeb, Trendhunter, The Guardian, TOP5 FastCoCreate
No1 on AppStore Lifestyle in 31 countries (Digital Catalogue for Apple TV)

Hero Film - Let’s Relax

Tapping into a global behaviour that many of us can relate to, the food picture, the film questions whether it has all gone a bit too far by placing the phenomena in the 17th century.

Kitchen Confessions

wants to take the stigma out of the kitchen by showing that we all cheat, take shortcuts and have guilty pleasures – and that it’s perfectly fine.

Social Media

Unexpected food date / Kitchen Confessions
We continued with a series of films that seemed to be ”food pictures”. They then revealed the issue of focusing too much on life through our phones.

Digital Catalogue

The Catalogue introduced the kitchen concept. Our task was to transform it into a digital experience.

All of the campaign content was gathered on

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