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Eberton Chalk Paint Prolog

Contact: Petur Mogensen

Lode is a newly emerged artist and director from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm her he graduated with the celebrated art work ”Homo digitalis”(2017). He moves effortlessly across artistic diciplines where he is challenging the concept of storytelling, the notion of facts, and the perception of the viewer. Lode specializes in absurd and uncanny storytelling, combining unique exceptional characters with enlighten realism. Lode made his debut with his longform hybridfilm “Homo Sacer” (2015), with a world premiere at the prestigious CPH:DOX Nordic Awards and later followed with Gothenburg Film Festival(GIFF) Tempo Documentary award, Krakow Film festival main competition,Way out west and also nominated Best New Nordic Voice at Nordic Panorama. Next to his own artistic practice Lode has the combined experience of working with an range of internationally recognised directors, specializing in writing and compiling visual treatments in both Swedish and English, many of which have become winning pitches.

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