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"Djur på hög"

Design collection with round and sleepy animals.

01Djurpahog Katter Cajsawessberg

Illustrator: Cajsa Wessberg
Contact: Paulina Loutchko

Collection of posters, tea towels, pillowcases, tote bags and porcelain.

02Djurpahog Rav Cajsawessberg 03Djurpahog Pingviner Cajsawessberg 04Djurpahog Alg Cajsawessberg 05Djurpahog Isbjornar Cajsawessberg 06Djurpahog Pungdjur Cajsawessberg 07Djurpahog Hamstrar Cajsawessberg 10Djurpahog Ugglor Cajsawessberg

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