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Curater – Art Subscription frame

Curater is the digital canvas that brings you new, unique, and exciting art exhibitions from the leading curators in the world.

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Client: Curater
Agency: ACNE
Contact: Johan Holmgren

Curater is a digital exhibition system that showcases artworks from internationally renowned artists in collaboration with the leading art institutions and curators in the world. Curater will display 6-8 exhibitions per year where each and every program is carefully curated. Through our high-definition LED-canvas, users can experience the carefully curated artworks on their own wall – turning their home into wonderful arenas for exciting art. Signup is avaliable at

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Your window into the art world

“Curater is the answer to the rapid art digitalization that happens today around the world. To be able to consume art on a digital platform we had to create a new type of product that let people enjoy the true experience of an art piece. Something no computer or smartphone can accomplish today.”

– Johan Holmgren, founder of Curater


Subscription based

“For a reasonable monthly fee you’ll experience the very best art, right in your home. We’re happy to announce that the amount of signups for the first release of the frame has been overwhelming.”

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