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Acne - an introduction

We tell stories for brands in the digital age.

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We integrate strategy, creation and production under one roof. From global marketing to everyday content. We're always on.

We are around 100 people with our HQ in Stockholm and offices in Paris, London and Berlin.

Acne Art Industry

We believe in combining art & industry in everything we do.

Art is about emotions, storytelling and beauty. Industry is about results, big data and money.

It is in the intersection where great brands are built.

Acne Process

As a client, you can utliize our full-service offering or pick and choose bespoke parts. We can do everything in-house but we also bring in external talent when needed.

Always tailor-made.

Acne Family History Collage

Since 1996, our ambition is to create our own brands and products as well as working with other brands.

Acne Brands

Since 1996, numerous own products and brands have sprung out of Acne, from a fashion brand, online games, a book, a handful of feature films, a magazine, a toy brand as well as a digital art exhibition system.

Consultants as well as entrepreneurs. We believe they strengthen each other.

Acne Research

Our strategic approach goes from macro to micro, resulting in a creative strategy based on data-backed insights into the brand, market and consumer.

Acne Toolbox

Under the three over-arching umbrellas strategy, creative and production, we have a toolbox of expertise available in any combination, way or form to fit the brief and the project.

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