A mode for every mood

Sometimes you might need an electronic stability program, 4×4 or some more responsiveness from the engine. But lets be honest, most of the time you just need a comfortable car with decent trunk space and great fuel economy. Suzuki’s all new SX4 S-CROSS offers all those things. It has intelligent 4×4 and four different driving modes easily accessible from the Drive Mode Select-button. But at a very affordable price, making it accessible to anyone.

It’s the first family car from Suzuki in a long time and strategically important to break into a new segment. Our task was to develop the launch campaign in Volvo-crazy Sweden.

We had the rationale. Our challenge was to turn it into something emotional. Our solution was the theme “Gillar alla lägen”, which has a dual meaning in swedish and translates to “Likes every mode/mood” or “A Mode For Every Mood”. A clever theme focusing on the Drive Mode Select-button and the versatility of the car as well as the needs in real life.

The new Suzuki SX4 S-CROSS offers a lot things for little money, but most and foremost, it’s a car for intelligent, easy going people that doesn’t prioritize a premium badge in the front.